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      Trade talogue
      Chapbook talogue

      After twenty years of publishing poetry, Leaf Press is on hiatus. Who knows what might come next?

      Meanwhile, it has been a pleasure.

      We've returned all books to their authors. Please contact them if you wish to purchase. Or write to poems at



      A Quiet Coming of Light by Jude Neale was short-listed for the 2015 League of nadian Poets Pat Lowther Award.
      Emilia Nielsen's Surge Narrows was short-listed for the 2014 Gerald Lampert Memorial Award by the League of nadian Poets.
      Joanne Thorwaldson's thirteen poems for releasing love was shortlisted for the 2013 bpNichol chapbook award.
      Adrienne Gruber's chapbook Mimic won the 2012 bpNichol chapbook award.
      Jude Neale's Only the Fallen n See was long lisited for the 2012 Relit Awards.
      Kirsty Elliot's True short-listed for the 2012 Gerald Lampert Award and long-listed for the 2012 ReLit Awards.
      Tina Biello was shortlisted for the Bressani Prize at the Vancouver Italian Cultural Centre for Momenti.
      Susan Musgrave and Leanne Boschman were short-listed for the ReLit Awards for their Leaf titles.
      Susan Musgrave's Obituary of Light was short-listed for the A Award for Poetry.
      K. Louise Vincent's The Discipline of Undressing long-listed for the ReLit Awards.
      Kim Goldberg's Ride Backwards on Dragon shortlisted for the Gerald Lampert Award.
      Allan Brown's Imagines co-winner of 2009 bpNichol Chapbook Award.

      Our Logo Designer is Chris Paul, internationally acclaimed Coast Salish artist known for his limited edition giclee prints, cedar panels, and glass sculptures:
      Visit him at www.chrispaul.